Virtual Management PERFORM Podcast Short Series

We are excited to introduce a brand-new short series of podcasts on virtual people management. Certainly, this short series is designed to help us all navigate the people management challenges that have arisen from this curious new working environment. We will release a new episode in this 8-part series every Wednesday from the 30th September 2020. You can access the full playlist from this page.

Inspiration for the short series

The inspiration for this series came from the conversations that we have had around the challenges of managing remote or hybrid teams. Realistically speaking, this new way of working is here to stay. Certainly, virtual people and performance management is challenging enough, even without the backdrop of a pandemic. This short series explores how people managers can flex their skills to ensure productivity and wellbeing during a period of intense uncertainty and change.

In addition, we know that remote working has presented a whole new set of concerns and challenges to overcome. However, despite expectations, many organisations have found that their remote working staff was happier overall and more productive. Some individuals and organisations thrived, while others struggled. Above all, the difference all came down to one thing – the leadership approach of their people and performance managers. This is an opportunity for organisations to sink or swim and it lies in the hands of the line manager who may be battling their own concerns with little or no training.

What is included?

This virtual people and performance management series gives clear guidance and useful tips and tools, all delivered with the empathy and pragmatism of our HR Uprising host, Lucinda Carney. The series outlines the PERFORM model which we explore in greater detail in our popular e-book. Furthermore, this e-book is free to download, and you can access via the button on the right-hand side of this page. Created by CEO of Actus Lucinda Carney, the model was inspired by survey results conducted with people professionals during the summer of 2020 giving valuable insight into where the biggest performance management skill gaps lie. As a result, the PERFORM model encompasses common sense and helps us understand how we can make it common practice in this hybrid working world:

  • - P - People First
  • - E - Expectations
  • - R - Regular Reviews
  • - F - Feedback & Development
  • - O - Ownership Culture
  • - R - Recognise
  • - M - Manage Performance

Further Resources

On our Actus website, you can also find further resources surrounding this topic, including our brand new management training programme.

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