Lucinda’s Business Background

Lucinda Carney is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with many years of Corporate HR experience including leading and delivering system and culture change. In 2008, she decided to work for herself and set up Advance Change, an Organisational Development Consultancy. It was through this work that she recognised how many other HR professionals were being hampered by poor performance management technology so Lucinda decided to do something about it!

Lucinda Carney

In 2012 Actus emerged into the marketplace; the first software specifically designed to embed year-round conversations and it has since gone from strength to strength with talent management; 360 feedback, learning management, and an ever-growing roadmap of functionality. The Actus purpose is to ‘Build a better workplace for people’ which is why a core part of our ethos is to provide a personal service with unrivalled value-added services including aligned consultancy and training.

The HR Uprising Podcast is an example of Lucinda’s commitment to delivering value to people professionals everywhere whether they are Actus clients or otherwise. She also published a best selling business book (also now on audible) called “How to be a Change Superhero” along with a free downloadable Change Toolkit for all those involved in business change with a virtual Change Superhero training programme launching soon. During lockdown, Lucinda launched a series of educational webinars that are suitable for managers and people professionals and are achieving record breaking numbers of attendees. You can view forthcoming webinars here and access previous recordings here. Lucinda is currently working on her second book called “How to be a Management Superhero”.

Lucinda’s Personal Life

Lucinda has been married to Chris since 2002 and they have two children Emma and Sammy; two dogs; two cats and a bearded dragon! They live in the Hertfordshire village of Redbourn and are an active part of the community there.

Lucinda is passionate about Netball having co-founded the Redbourn Redkites in 2014; an inclusive ‘netball family’ ranging in age from 14 to 65. They play in the local league and regularly socialise together.

Lucinda attributes her drive to succeed to her father David who she sadly lost in 2009; he had been caring for her mother Jean who had been suffering from dementia since the age of 57. She finally died in 2016. Both parents and her sister Fiona worked in the NHS which is another cause that Lucinda feels extremely passionate about.

Awards and Professional Membership

  • Lucinda was recently named as one of the top 10 UK women in business 2020 by Business Game Changers Magazine
  • Lucinda won the Everywoman Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2016.
  • She is a member of the BPS; CIPD and the Centre for Evidence-Based Management (CEBma)
  • She has a first degree and Masters in Psychology and became a Chartered Occupational Psychologist in 2006
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Practioner
  • NLP Practioner and Trainer
  • MBTI; Belbin; SDI; Firo-B and OPQ qualified

Speaking Availability

Lucinda is a highly regarded speaker, facilitator and trainer able to engage audiences on a wide range of topics. She has spoken for the CIPD; Women of Silicon Valley and various Corporate audiences and is regularly featured in the business and national press. Read more about the topics that she speaks on and the press she has been featured in here: Lucinda Carney – Speaker

Lucinda can be contacted about any potential speaking or custom facilitation opportunities via

Contact details:
Lucinda welcomes genuine connection requests and you can find her primarily on Linked in or Twitter. Don’t forget to join the Linked in HR Uprising Group while you are at it!