Podcast Episode 36: The HR Podcast Highlights for 2019

Hello, 2020! For the very first episode of the New Year, Lucinda reflects on the journey of the HR Uprising Podcasts in 2019. She reviews the podcasts past successes and reveals the hr podcast highlights for 2019 since launching back in June.

Most noteworthy is the growth of The HR Uprising Podcast, with over 12,000 downloads since we launched in June 2019. See below for the full list of the hr podcast highlights for 2019 and tune in if you haven’t already.

10. What really works in Performance Management?

Although ‘Onboarding – The Missing Link’ came very close to catching this spot, this episode managed to get the 10th spot in our Top Ten.

So, is appraisals really dead? In this episode, Lucinda debunks some of the ‘Spin’ around appraisal and performance management. She also shares what the research literature tells us about what really works in terms of driving people performance. In addition, she runs through eight key evidence-based practices with examples on how you can put these into action in your organisation.

Certainly, if you missed this episode but are interested in evidence-based HR, or even if you just want to have another listen, you can access the full episode here.

9. The 5 Secret Powers of a Change Superhero

Coming in at 9th place, our very first episode! Launched all the way back in June 2019, this continues to be a ‘hot topic’. Therefore, it is noteworthy to mention that Lucinda is currently in the process of getting her book ready on ‘How to be a Change Superhero’ which will be released sometime this year.

In this episode, Lucinda explains why and how we can all develop the 5 secret powers of a change superhero and deliver value to our organisations. DOING NOTHING is not an option, but it’s more than telling senior stakeholders to change. You have to be strategic about how you approach them, so they see the benefits. Discover today how you can convince them to rally beside you and get that needed change when you tune in to the full episode here.

8. The Art of Demystifying O.D.

Next up in our Top Ten, in 8th place, is this episode on demystifying Organisational Development (O.D.). So this should come as no surprise, considering the term O.D. is very poorly understood, even within HR itself. However, could it hold the key to the profession, elevating its status and being viewed as more strategic?

In this episode, Lucinda explains the 3 main pillars of O.D. as well as the 5-step process that any practitioner can use to apply O.D., so be sure to listen to the full episode here.

7. HR Tech Trends with Mervyn Dinnen

Subsequently, at 7th place, is this very special episode that was recorded at the Festival Of Work. So, in this episode, Lucinda talks to Mervyn Dinnen, HR and Talent Trends Analyst, Author, Speaker, and renowned Tech Influencer, who brings the most up-to-date analysis to life.

Mervyn joins Lucinda to talk about a few key trends that he feels are about to become important in the world of human resources, as well as the importance of proper onboarding. Therefore, be sure you tune in to the full episode here.

6. Transforming Learning & Development with David James

So, coming in at 6th place in the HR Podcast highlights for 2019 is this conversation with David James, Chief Learning Officer for Looop. In this episode, Lucinda and David talk about transforming Learning & Development.

They discuss the changes in expectations from employees and stakeholders and how L&D can change to get closer to the point of work, helping people when they really need help.

Certainly, if you missed this episode but are interested in Learning & Development, or even if you just want to have another listen, you can access the full episode here.

5. Evidence-Based HR with Prof. Rob Briner

Excitingly, we are now in the top five! With that in mind, stop jumping straight to solutions, rather we should always start with the problem. In this episode, Lucinda talks to Prof. Rob Briner, a world-leading expert on evidence-based management.

He explains how the evidence-based approach can help HR professionals make more informed decisions about the route of organisational problems and selecting more appropriate solutions. Certainly, the key mistake that many of us make is not spending enough time first, trying to understand what the problem is.

Furthermore, they go on to discuss various different topics including how HR could be more scientific in their approach, how to measure engagement and what the most effective evidence-practice might be. Discover more when you tune in to the full episode here.

4. Reducing bias in Recruitment with Adrian McDonagh

Next up in the podcast highlights for 2019, in fourth place is this episode with recruitment expert Adrian McDonagh, the founder of EasyWeb Group. So, in this conversation with episode, Lucinda and Adrian talk about everything from talent, candidate experience, and practical, innovative ways to manage people and bring them into an organisation.

Furthermore, Adrian is an experienced recruitment specialist who has seen many changes and advances in the recruitment industry. By adapting quickly and pioneering ground-breaking new ways to help companies find and retain the best staff, he has established himself as an invaluable force in improving the HR industry as a whole. Therefore, be sure you tune in to the full episode here.

3. Making the move into independent HR Consultancy with Bina Briggs

So, here we are in the final three! Coming in third place in our Top Ten is this episode where Lucinda is joined by Bina Briggs, the Founder, and Director of Plain Talking HR.

Many in the human resources industry feel the desire to move into but might not know how to go about it. Having transitioned into this area successfully over the past ten years, Bina has all kinds of invaluable advice on how to do so, as well as a wealth of insights on how companies can best use the skills and tools that independent consultants can offer.

Authenticity is big here, as well as highlighting it’s not about how smart you are. Rather, it is about focusing on your clients’ pain and helping them. So, be sure to tune in to the full episode here.

2. HR on Purpose with Steve Browne

Next up in 2nd place for the HR Podcast highlights for 2019, is our special 25th Episode of the HR Uprising! Lucinda was joined by a member of the ‘Twitterati’: HR Practitioner, influencer, author and speaker from the US: Steve Browne.

Steve is the author of the best selling book ‘HR On Purpose’ and has had almost 30 years of experience in HR. Furthermore, he is absolutely passionate about the power of being ‘people-centric’ as an HR professional. So, He shares personal anecdotes and stories from his best-selling business book ‘HR on Purpose’ and gives an insight into what drives his passion for the profession.

Another example of authenticity, Steve was great to listen to. Therefore, be sure to access the full episode here.

1. Practical interviewing techniques for HR and Managers with Jo Irwin

Finally, coming in at first place in the HR Podcast highlights for 2019 is this very practical episode on interviewing techniques and tips. Joining Lucinda in this episode, is Jo Irwin from i4 Training where they discuss practical interviewing techniques that managers or HR can use to improve the interview process.

Of course, you want to hire the most talented candidates. Some people believe that having line managers present as part of the interview process could help with finding the best fit for the role. However, know that interviews are more than this. It’s not about who and who isn’t present during the interview. Interviews are a good introduction for both parties—the interviewer and the interviewee. Therefore it is just as important for the panel to present themselves in a good light as it is for the candidate.

Certainly, if you are interested in practical tips for the interviewing process, you can or even if you just want to have another listen, you can listen to the full episode here.

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