This Episode: Appreciating the CIPD Profession Map – with Victoria Winkler

Lucinda investigates the intricacies of the CIPD Profession Map with guest Victoria Winkler from the CIPD. The conversation explores the origins of the map, its structure, and how individuals can leverage it to enhance their professional development.

Victoria provides valuable insights into the different levels of CIPD qualifications, self-assessment tools, and the importance of continuous learning and development in the HR profession.

Key Takeaways

  • Building a coaching culture is essential for organisations to thrive and adapt to changing The CIPD Profession Map was developed through extensive research and consultation with industry experts.
  • The Profession Map includes core knowledge, core behaviours, and specialist knowledge areas for people professionals.
  • Individuals can assess themselves against the Profession Map to identify areas for development and growth.
  • The CIPD continuously updates the Profession Map to ensure it remains relevant and aligned with industry standards.

Best Moments

“We spent a lot of time talking to obviously both people professionals, members and non-members, business leaders, academics, industry experts, both in the UK and internationally to really determine what might it look like, what’s the commonality, the themes around being a people professional.”

“So we did have a, I guess, a set of professional standards. And as you might imagine, we’ve had a different variation of that over the years”

“So we start with the purpose of the profession at the heart of it, championing better work and working lives. Really wanting to, and that was very much the feedback that we got, was that professionals was keen to be identified with that wider purpose.”

“So people analytics in particular is a specialist knowledge area. AI sits across a number of different things.”

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About The Guest, Victoria Winkler

Director of Professional Development. Victoria has overall responsibility for professional standards and membership framework. She leads both the design and development of the professional standards and CPD, assessment and qualifications strategy. She’s responsible for ensuring that professional designations and qualifications are of the highest standard and quality.

Victoria joined the CIPD in 2003, initially leading research in the field of learning, development and talent management. Before this she held a number of roles across the charity and publishing sectors, with a focus on learning and professional skills development. Victoria is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD.

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