This Episode: 4-MAT System for Influential Communication

As many of us are now working remotely, the need for clarity and influence in our communications has never been more important. Indeed, how can we ensure that we are able to successfully communicate with our remote teams? The answer may lie in the use of a system known as 4-MAT.

In this weeks HR Uprising Podcast Episode, Lucinda discusses how, in the absence of face-to-face communication, we can ensure that we are able to maintain sensitivity and empathy when communicating with an anxious workforce on delicate subjects. Furthermore, how using a system like 4-MAT can help us to avoid incomplete and confusing messages.

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Key Takeaways

  • Certainly, individuals tend to fill in the gaps when it comes to incomplete communication. Unfortunately this can result in a spread of misinformation, and raise further questions.
  • The four questions we tend to ask ourselves when presented with change are: 
    • Why is change occurring?
    • What exactly are we going to do?
    • How will these changes take place?
    • What if we do this, and what if we don’t do this?
  • Communications often come in the form of “What” and “How”, but fail to deliver the “Why” and “What If” sections, meaning that much can be left to interpretation.

Best Moments

  • ‘We as individuals, ask four questions whenever we receive a piece of information’
  • ’Why” is such a critical motivator of behaviour’
  • ‘If you communicate effectively, new information becomes much more palatable’

About The Host

Lucinda Carney is a Business Psychologist with 15 years in Senior Corporate L&D roles and a further 10 as CEO of Actus Software where she worked closely with HR colleagues helping them to solve the same challenges across a huge range of industries. Certainly, it was this breadth of experience that inspired Lucinda to set up the HR Uprising community to facilitate greater collaboration across HR professionals in different sectors, helping them to ‘rise up’ together.

“When we look up we rise up”

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