This Episode: HR & AI with Brandon Stevens

Lucinda explores the topic of AI in HR with guest Brandon Stevens, founder and CEO of Scouter. They discuss the role of AI in recruitment and talent management, highlighting the challenges and limitations of current AI systems.

Brandon also focusses upon the importance of accurate and comprehensive data inputs for AI to be truly predictive and prescriptive, introducing the concept of creating internal talent marketplaces and shifting from a position-based to a skills-based model.

Key Takeaways

  • AI in HR is often used as a buzzword, but it is important to understand what it actually means. AI stands for artificial intelligence and it can be used in HR to analyse data and find patterns.
  • The current use of AI in HR tends to focus on descriptive data rather than predictive or prescriptive data. This means that AI is often used to match keywords and buzzwords between job descriptions and resumes, but it may not accurately predict performance or suitability for a role.
  • To make AI more effective in HR, it is important to improve the inputs and training of the models. This includes using a skills-based model rather than a position-based model, understanding the transferability and correlations between skills, and incorporating behavioural science and soft skills into the analysis.
  • AI can be used in various areas of HR, not just recruitment. For example, it can be used to create internal talent marketplaces, improve talent mobility, and enhance performance reviews. It can also help organisations and individuals better understand each other and identify opportunities for growth and development.

Best Moments from

This Episode: HR & AI with Brandon Stevens

“You cannot put a Band-Aid on this and truly fix it. Also, simultaneously, any AI that is true AI, machine learning, natural language processing, will not work until this methodology is transformed.”

“The younger demographic have a different expectation of experience. They come from a much more engaged world. And again, not everyone’s the same. But my point is that the demographic challenge, not only are we producing less talent, if you will.”

“You have to introduce this and get buy-in, obviously, from leadership down to your employees. But in HR, I always start to look at this because simultaneously what this actually does as well is it consolidates your HR tech stack, right?”

“Make no mistake, this will be standard procedure within the decade. I think educating yourself around this as a human resource leader is the number one thing you should do, is get a better understanding about what’s coming and how to prepare for it.”

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Brandon Stevens, is the founder/CEO of Scoutr, the next generation platform that creates an Internal Talent Marketplace for Organisations and Individuals. 

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