This Episode: The Gratitude Project – with Kevin D. Monroe

Lucinda is joined by special guest, Kevin D. Monroe, to talk about the power of expressing gratitude in the workplace and beyond.

Kevin shares his journey of creating the “Don’t Wait to Thank” program, encouraging listeners to participate in a 31-day gratitude challenge during July. They explore the impact of simple, sincere, and specific expressions of gratitude, emphasising the significance of recognising and celebrating others.

Key Takeaways

  • Practicing gratitude personally and professionally can have a positive impact on engagement and overall positivity in the workplace.
  • When expressing gratitude, keeping it simple, sincere, and specific can make the gesture more significant and impactful.
  • Leaders can activate gratitude by seeing moments of excellence, seizing the opportunity to acknowledge them, and sealing the memory with a heartfelt gesture.
  • Leaders can elevate their leadership by appreciating, celebrating, and elevating the values and contributions of their team members.

Best Moments

“Gratitude experienced is better than gratitude explained. You don’t need to understand gratitude to experience it.” 

“It’s much more impactful to show that you recognise someone for being impressive or to recognise others.” 

“Nothing demoralises people more or more quickly than a leader taking credit for their contribution.”

“Simple plus sincere and specific expressions of gratitude are significant.”

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About The Guest, Kevin D. Monroe

Kevin D. Monroe is the preeminent expert on the transformative power of gratitude in the workplace. As a workplace gratitude consultant, he can help any organization struggling with top talent departures or employee disengagement experience renewed motivation, retention, and performance by utilizing his proprietary framework and assessments.

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LinkedIn – Kevin D Monroe

Instagram – Kevin D Monroe

Twitter – Kevin D Monroe

About The Host

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